How to stay hydrated throughout the day?

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Up to 60% of the human body is made up of water, including 60% of your brain, heart and blood. Your bones are made up of 20% of water, which is why it's important to rehydrate after any activity that causes heavy sweating, such as intense workouts, cardio or sauna.

Staying hydrated helps your organs and other body parts work at an optimum level by creating sweat that evaporates to lower the human body's temperature. It's worth noting that a variety of factors including genetics cause some people to lose more sodium via sweat than others.

Water is a solvent for waste products in your body. It dissolves waste, breaks it down and allows it to pass out other bodies through urine and also sweat. This is why rehydrating with water after exercise is crucial for preventing the damaging effects of dehydration. Unlike many other beverages, water contains no added sugars or calories. It Is ideal to drink throughout the day and specifically when you need to rehydrate, such as after a workout. Being well hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognitive function and moods.

If either of these apply to you, make sure to replace not just fluid you lose through sweat, but also sodium, particularly after intense or long bouts of exercise and even more so when you're in a hot environment. Intense activities like doing high anticipation interval training, the sodium you lose through sweat can easily be replaced through a balanced diet and drinking water before, during and after the workout. Giving your body enough fluids to carry out those heavy exercise tasks means that you're staying hydrated and also to get more minerals after exercise.

Try using spring water for better hydration.

Spring water doesn't just pass through your body. It helps your cells heal themselves. When you add spring water to your diet, it brings additional and much needed oxygen into your body's blood cells by providing the much needed nutrients to all organs throughout your body including your brain.

Your blood absorbs inhaled oxygen from the lungs and then it reacts with foods to produce energy and heat known as the metabolism. So the less water you drink, the slower your metabolism will be throughout the day.

PH Stands for potential hydrogen on a periodic table of elements. Your blood pH balance falls on a scale of one through 1 - 14, with seven being ideal or neutral.

So you have alkaline and you have acidic, your blood pH balance is essential to living a healthy life. Typically, people whose blood pH level that is too aesthetic falls somewhere between one and six on this scale are linked to heart disease, inflammation, diabetes, chronic pain, and other autoimmune diseases. By drinking more spring water, you're balancing over the acid system and bringing your body back to fertility which helps balance all other bodily systems.

Alkaline water also helps raise a higher blood pH level than regular drinking water. Alkaline water typically has a pH of eight or nine, which destroys and neutralizes the acidity in your body by lowering excessive asset content in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Alkaline water has ultra hydrating properties as compared to normal water and is beneficial for people who work out on a daily basis and require more water in their body than others. The water molecules in alkaline water are smaller and more readily absorbed by cells which help the body rehydrate quickly.

Alkaline water is also said to have various minerals like magnesium and calcium, which are important for maintaining healthy bones and a potent antioxidant that helps prevent the growth of cell damaging free radicals in the body, which can further rush up your aging process and lower your blood alkalinity level. If you want to reduce the risk of consuming harmful chemicals in your body, then drinking spring water, alkaline water and also distilled water can help you as well.

The main healthy benefit of distilled water is that you're avoiding the nasty contaminants that end up in your tap water at home.

A lot of these contaminants are actually unwanted minerals as well as complex chemicals like pesticides and herbicides and potential biological contamination like viruses and bacteria that end up in your tap water. Running your tap water through a distiller can be a potential game changer for you and your family.

Now, if plain water becomes too repetitive over time, then add a fruit infusion to your water. Fruits like lemon lime and oranges to your water raises your blood pH level and when your body loses electrolytes during your exercises, the citrus adds electrolytes and other minerals back into your body, helping you lose weight by raising your metabolic rate so you burn more calories and stay balanced throughout the entire day.

Infused water may also help food pass smoothly through your gut and prevent you from becoming constipate also.

Processed foods like cookies, crackers, cereal and chips contain only one in nine water, while berries melons, oranges, grapes can carrots, pineapples, lettuce, cabbage, spinach and kale are composed of 80 to 99% of water, making fruits and vegetables the perfect hydrating piece to the puzzle. So, stock up on a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and keep fruits like cantaloupes and watermelons in your fridge for easy, convenient access. These foods are important for your health because they aid in stronger stomach enzymes and while it goes to your small intestine, it resolves into further nutrients for your pancreas and liver. So if you're enjoying a night out drinking, then in the morning time drink lime water and eat fruits and vegetables throughout the day to restore the balance in your body. Hydration is important for digestive health and maintaining regular bowel movements.

Chronic dehydration can cause constipation which can make you feel bloated and sluggish throughout the daytime water regulates body temperature flushes out toxins, reduces headaches and my migraines kills fat cells by suppressing appetite all the while keeping your joints lubricated, preventing infections by delivering nutrients to the cells, raises your blood pH level and it's also the reason why you drink water throughout the day, all day and every day.

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