10 reasons why you cannot lose weight

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As a professional on the go, in order to lose weight, you must first create a weight loss goal then reverse engineer that goal to identify the previous element obstructing your progress or generating a plateau.

According to study finds.org, a 2020 poll indicated that an average person would try 100 and 26 different diets in their lifetime that will only stick to that plan for six days before quitting it.

While the statistics showed that fad diets like the cabbage soup diet were less likely to last.

Our experts stress that losing weight can be more complex than you think. Even if you choose one of those diets that work in conjunction with a decent exercise routine. Being aware of these five factors responsible for not being able to lose weight, makes it easy to find the actual reasons to lose weight.

1. You can't lose weight because of stress.

The body secretes many glucocorticoids or GC including cortisol when it's stressed. Long term exposure to high quantities of hormones has a harmful impact on the entire body.

One of the consequences is stomach fat. It doesn't help that many people cope with stress by snacking also, however, any sort of exercise, even a simple walk has been found to lower cortisol levels in studies.

2. You can't lose weight because you're not hydrated enough.

A lack of sufficient hydration causes slow metabolism.

Furthermore, research reveals that many people mistake thirst for hunger and go for snacks instead of drinking water. Drinking water regularly is a must to lose weight. Limiting alcohol consumption is also crucial while trying to lose weight because it is both caloric and dehydrating.

3. You can't lose weight because of medicines.

Weight loss is impossible due to harmful effects of certain medication. If there are any issues with losing weight and using prescribed medications like hormonal contraceptives, cortical steroids, antidepressants or beta blockers, consulting with your doctor and asking about these medications and better alternatives should be an option for you.

4. You can't lose weight because of diabetes.

Metabolic illnesses frequently cause weight difficulties. For example, Type two diabetes, which can develop as a result of obesity, makes it more difficult to reduce weight in the future since it increases your hunger. Symptoms like increased thirst, polyuria or hunger should be discussed with your doctor as well.

5. You can't lose weight because of Hypothyroidism.

The American Thyroid Association estimates that 20 million Americans have a thyroid problem and that up to 60% are unaware of their condition.

Weight gain and or trouble reducing weight could be symptoms of hypothyroidism. A condition in which the Thyroid Gland does not generate enough thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism is more common in women as the disease prevalence rises with age. It's tough to lose weight when you have hypothyroidism since you have a metabolism that slows down due to lack of thyroid hormones. Other signs and symptoms include feeling of weakness, extreme tiredness and concentration issues. A strong sense of cold and swelling of the eyelids and palms. The TSH Hormone level, which regulates the thyroid gland function is used to indicate this type of disease.

One of the best ways to combat weight loss is exercise.

6. You can't lose weight because of bad eating habits.

The most common cause of weight problem is an improper diet.

Unfortunately, sticking to a diet does not always result in weight loss. Dietary advice is frequently misunderstood. Foods with the word light on the label are particularly problematic. They contribute to weight gain when consumed in excessive quantities. On the other hand, many people restrict their diets to the point where their hunger devils after a few days of fasting.

7. You can't lose weight due to lack of exercise.

Along with the right diet, exercise also takes part in losing weight. Lack of exercise can slow down the metabolism and the body shifts into stocking up mode. While weight loss can be a problem, exercise can be the solution. So for the initial stages, start off by walking and doing regular types of cardio and then move your way up to strength training exercises.

8. You can't lose weight because of hormonal issues.

Sex hormone imbalance can also cause weight loss issues.

For example, polycystic ovarian syndrome characterized by excessive amounts of androgens is a common harmonium condition in male sex hormones. As a result, the male may have abdominal weight gain, which is common in men. In addition to menstruation issues or acne in women.

9. You can't lose weight through the lack of sleep.

Sleep deprivation has the same harmful effects as stress because it also releases cortisol levels. Leptin and grilling or to other hormones at a function here arising. Leptin levels signal to the body that it is full. Whereas, sleep deprivation causes a drop in leptin levels, leaving us hungry all the time. At the same time the stomach releases more grilling, a hormone that makes us hungry and you guessed it more weight gain. 

10. You can’t lose weight because you’re obsessed with dieting.

Exercise should not be used as a kind of punishment for consuming food. Exercise is an excellent thing because it celebrates the mobility that a body can achieve. So, finding pleasurable methods to include in your physical activities that make you feel capable or activities that include social interaction can all help you keep to a pattern to lose weight.

I want to say thank you for reading this blog before you start on your journey.

I would recommend consulting with your doctor to help you prepare for a successful journey and be guided accordingly.

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