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Published September 30th, 2020 by Supreme Body Training

Our prayers and thoughts are with you all, amid COVID-19. We at Supreme Body Training would also like to take this time and opportunity to greet and salute our Supreme family and Supreme Warriors; among which some are actively serving on the front lines of this pandemic crisis.

We are ever grateful for the bond we have formed and for you standing with us and welcoming us into your homes. We endeavor to stay true to our promise to be with you throughout your fitness and total body transformation journey to ensure your goals are achieved. Considering the circumstances, we will be doing so via social media and our fitness training app. Therefore, we are implementing online group classes and Personal Training videos customized for you to stay on task with your individual goals. Please expect to receive the following fitness tools and information:

  • Your Personal Trainers will be sending you a link to setup your online training to stay active along with customized workouts for you to follow. To ensure your workouts are received timely, please make sure your contact/ email information is up to date. If you do not receive a workout plan, please contact us
  • Our first Group Class will launch on Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 8:30am via ZOOM (Please be sure to download the Zoom app to participate)
  • Nutritional programs to meet and enhance your dietary needs (please access via our food app) This feature is even more vital, now than ever, to ward off the temptation to consume empty calories from bad snacking while trapped at home with the many unwanted calories stocked and lurking in your cabinets, pantries, and refrigerators
  • Stay connected to YouTube and Facebook where we will have daily informational videos and blogs

Meanwhile, we invite your feedback, comments, and suggestions. Let us know how we are doing and how you are doing as well.

To get you to the best shape of your life:

  • Stay focused
  • Be steadfast and committed to fitness
  • Above all take every precautionary measure to stay safe and well:
  • Frequently and vigorously wash your hands
  • cover their mouth and nose when they sneeze or cough, and sneeze/cough into their elbows.
  • Keep a safe distance when in public spaces

We are here for you and we are rooting for your success!

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