How To Change Your Thoughts About Fitness

Published June 22nd, 2022 by Supremebodytrainingadmin

Gaining fitness without having proper motivation is quite a task. “Taking action” is the crucial step you need to take in order to achieve your goals, but it involves certain baby steps. First of all, surrounding ourselves with the right people is very important- People who harness positive energy- people who stick with us no matter what- people who have stayed with us for a longer time.

This video includes one of the prime examples of how a teacher leaned towards her goal and lost 50 pounds to get herself into a maintenance phase.

Coming to the point of “motivation,”- motivation to achieve one’s goal. Now the question is, “where does this come from?”

We have discussed how social media puts people in a race in which they are running unknowingly, constantly questioning their shapes and states. Learning and differentiating false appearances is essential, especially on social media. Our primary focus should be “us” and not people’s accomplishments. Comparing our start with someone’s end of the journey is not fair to our growth at any level. Achieving the desired goal is inevitable with the proper time, work, commitment, and effort. Good luck!

Before you start on your journey I would recommend consulting with your Doctor and be guided accordingly on your weight-loss journey.

This will help ensure your long-term success and the perfect health you so desire.

I want to say thank you for joining me in this video.

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